Xbox Strategy / 3-year product vision

  • Project Brief

  • What is the next-generation Xbox experience and how will Microsoft get there?

  • Project Timeline

  • June 2010—March 2011

  • Deliverables

  • User research
  • Vision Document
  • User Stories
  • Feature Briefs
  • Prototypes

  • Individual Contribution

  • Product Framing and Synthesis
  • Brainstorming Facilitation
  • User Scenario Development
  • Videosketch Development
  • Design of Vision Document

From TV-on-Xbox to Next-Generation Entertainment

Xboxstrategy 00

The console business is transforming and living room entertainment is waiting to be redefined. With a new ecosystem of devices, readily accessible content through the cloud, and natural user inputs such as the Kinect, Microsoft needs to reposition the Xbox to serve an audience beyond traditional gamers.

With the goal of defining the roadmap from 2011 to 2013 and beyond, the Xbox Design Strategy lead an effort to coalesce and define the business, user experience, and technological vision for Microsoft's Entertainment Division.

Division-wide Strategy

Vision Process With a division as large as IEB (Interactive Entertainment Business) our primary challenge on the strategy team was to frame and synthesize the disparate ideas and goals of the leadership team into a focused vision.

We accomplished this through facilitating BXT (Business, eXperience, Technology) workshops, engaging with user-research to better understand our audience, developing prototypes of what a next generation console experience could be, and finally coalescing the overall 3-year strategy into a vision document. My focus in this large undertaking was in delivering the strategy document.

The Outcomes: 2011 and 2012

XboxStrategy 01 XboxStrategy 02 XboxStrategy 03

In 2011, Xbox delivered the promise of TV. With new content partners and a revamped dashboard experience focused on browsing media content, 2011 set the first stage of the 3-year transformation vision.

In 2012, Xbox delivered a seamless experience across Microsoft's ecosystem of devices. Coinciding with the launch of Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8, the console experience can now be controlled and enhanced with SmartGlass. Listening to that new song by Florence + the Machine on your TV? Your Windows Tablet will surface information about the band and provide related artists. In our vision document, the Strategy team identified the initial user scenarios and features of a multi-device companion experience.

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